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Wide area control at transformer Salzstrasse in operation

Distribution transformers set the medium voltage to the voltage for households and final consumers. Especially due to high integration of renewable generaton in medium as well as in the low voltage grid, the voltage fluctuation is a subject. This dynamic is counteracted, inter alia by controllable transformers to the ratio ensuring compliance with the specified limits locally.

The wide-area control on the control system in the project IREN2 uses, in contrast to conventional controllers of distribution transformers, measurements from a larger grid area. So the voltage limits can also be considered and ensured for distant branches of the grid.

After proven, that the wide-area control on the product platform Spectrum Power 5 by Siemens, running in test mode for several months, provides correct control behavior, it’s now in hot operation since September 10th 2016 replacing the local controller. A total of 18 measured values are included a in the control.


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