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RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University, established in 1870, is divided into 9 faculties containing approximately 40,000 students and 500 professors. The university budget amounts to more than 850 million Euros of which more than a third are third-party expenditures. RWTH’s outstanding research potential is underlined by its variety of excellence clusters and special research programs, its 25 graduate programs and its more than 15 affiliated institutes with strong industrial and application-oriented alignment.

The Institute for High Voltage Technology (IFHT) belongs to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of RWTH Aachen University. Over 50 of its more than 75 employees are researchers investigating on a broad range of diverse topics. Main focuses of research and education are innovative high-performance insulation materials, power components for distribution and transmission grids, the future of electric mobility and the holistic modeling, analysis and optimization of power supply systems.

The Sustainable Distribution Systems (SDS) research group, which will be working on the project on behalf of the IFHT, is currently the largest scientific unit at the Institute for High Voltage Technology. Its more than 16 researchers focus on topics like the integration of decentralized renewable power generation into the European distribution networks, the ecologically and economically optimized combination of heat and power supply systems in urban and rural areas and the system integration of electric vehicles as well as their utilization for ancillary system and power storage services.

Project contact person:RWTH Aachen
Torsten Sowa
Phone: +49 (241) 8090145

For further information see: www.ifht.rwth-aachen.de



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