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With this project the AÜW GmbH wants to achieve the following issues and objectives:

  • Development of a market strategy, which considers the state of the network in the deployment planning of decentralized facilities
  • Development of multifunctional operating strategies
  • Preparation of regulatory frameworks for network compliant operating strategies
  • Development of a safe data transmission for power providers respectively especially in the sector of intelligent electricity grids / microgrids for controlling and capturing the states
  • Which impacts has the usage of SMART-Grid-components to the basic condition of incentive respectively to the position paper of the BNetzA of SMART-Grid and SMART-Market?
  • How is the technical interaction of SMART-Grid-components respectively to the changing energy generation from large power plants to decentralized acting microgrids?


AÜW AllgäuNetz Siemens RWTH ID.KOM HS Kempten