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Funding goals

Reliable and affordable energy supply (focusing on renewable energy sources) is at the heart of the energy-concept of the federal government of Germany and the European Union.  Especially increasing the share of wind and solar power as well as market and grid integration is pushed. The resulting increase in decentralized renewable energy sources poses a challenge to the distribution networks to date. To meet that challenge, novel and grid-compliant operating strategies need to be developed and analyzed. The two concepts of intentional island grids and topological power plants pose one possible solution to meet the challenging goals of the “Energiewende”.

The planned developments within the IREN2 project aim at the topics: “grid control” and “system reliability”. Thus we investigate operational strategies that combine a market and a grid view whilst offering services that ensure a safe energy supply system.

The IREN2 project intends to achieve the above goals using technical solutions and concepts spanning the following focus areas:

  • Novel and sustainable infrastructure solutions, in particular smart grids incorporating information and communication technology
  • Mathematical models, algorithms and optimization methods for grid planning
  • Grid control techniques and grid connection control for micro-grids
  • Grid services provided by micro-grids and topological power plants
  • Analysis of critical grid operation conditions in island mode
  • Decentralized automation concepts and intelligent sub-systems based on the micro-grid approach
  • Grid control technology incorporating micro-grids
  • Topological power plants as an interface between transmission and distribution grids
  • System behavior and system security of micro-grids

Micro-grids can be understood as a disruptive innovation that has the potential to effectively change the energy supply system in Germany and Europe. For that purpose, we address norming, standardization and ecological questions within IREN2.


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