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IREN2 was able to gain significant insights into Microgrids, operated off-grid and as topological power plants

  • As topological power plants, microgrids can partially replace today's power plants, contribute to system stability and also provide ancillary services through the integration of renewable generators and storage beyond today's levels.
  • The regulatory compliant integration of grid operation and energy market for the operation of grid-connected microgrids is not sufficiently regulated today. This lacks economic incentives for the provision of local ancillary system services.
  • Microgrids as island grids increase the reliability of supply, and can represent an economically viable alternative depending on the system environment.
  • Taking into account individual situations, grid protection and personal safety can also be ensured for island grids with minimal adjustments.
  • A stable off-grid operation with multiple grid forming generators and zero rotating mass is possible. Under certain circumstances, the degree of complexity for the realization increases.
  • Comprehensive, secure and robust ICT is one of the biggest challenges for the development and operation of microgrids.
  • Automation and primary control technology today almost completely meet the requirements for microgrids. Manufacturer-independent standardized products and solutions do not yet exist to the necessary extent.


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